U.K.’s Education Sec Nicky Morgan: Leaving EU ‘Devastating for Young’

Nicky Morgan, MP

The United Kingdom’s Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is urging parents to think about how a potential vote to leave the EU would affect opportunities for the next generation.

Ahead of a speech at the fashion retail Academy London, the secretary said that numerous companies are already suspending hiring decisions while they wait for the outcome of the vote this coming June.

“As we saw from the recession that we’ve just been through, the people who suffer most are the youngest. Those who are trying to get into jobs and careers will suffer if companies and organisations are not hiring,” she said in a statement to the press.

Mrs. Morgan said there had already been a decrease in available jobs because of employers’ fears that the UK might leave the European Union.

“It’s clear, that if Britain leaves Europe it will be young people who suffer the most, left in limbo while we struggle to find and then negotiate an alternative model. In doing so we risk that lost generation becoming a reality,” she said.

“And everyone who casts their vote must understand that. If parents and grandparents vote to leave, they’ll be voting to gamble with their children and grandchildren’s future. At a time when people are rightly concerned about inter-generational fairness, the most unfair decision that the older generation could make would be to take Britain out of Europe and damage the ability of young people to get on in life.”

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