Fire Cameras And How They Help Improve Fire Protection for Businesses

Although conventional fire detection systems such as smoke detectors can be sufficient for some smaller businesses, not all types of businesses are equal in regards to the challenges for effective fire detection and prevention.

In the past, reliable fire detection had been a challenge in particular for large commercial spaces such as manufacturing plants or oil rigs. Other places were fire detection wasn’t always easy had been places such as stadiums,  shopping centres or outdoor arenas.

spotfire-camera Places such as those had always been unsuitable for installing conventional smoke and flame detectors since these devices can only work reliable in confined spaces.  To work, these devices had to be placed in close vicinity to any potential fire.

This however has changed with the advent of modern fire detection systems such as digital fire detection cameras.  Now, effective fire and smoke detection for those places is possible.

What are fire detection cameras and how they work?

Digital fire detection cameras work by real-time video analysis. This means that a fire detection camera can detect smoke and flame based on a video feed. The major advantage of a fire camera is that it doesn’t need to be located in the immediate vicinity of a potential blaze but can operate from a distance. This way, big areas can be covered.

Another advantage of a fire detection camera is that such a camera can be integrated with existing CCTV systems. It can be set up to work fully automatically so as to alert the fire brigade in the event of a fire.

Some modern fire cameras such as the Fcam by Ciqurix do not only incorporate advanced digital video analyses for detecting fires. There are also combining infrared thermal imaging technology, resulting in even better reliability for detecting fires.